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By 1994, after twenty years of seeing businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries struggle to get what they really want from their lives and businesses, it was time for a change. Like so many of the people he serves today, Grant was certain of two things: first, there must be something more… and second, he knew that “pretty good,” “okay,” and “not bad” was not the life or legacy he wanted for himself or his family.

Driven by a passion to help people rise into the fullness of their best life, Grant began what turned into a twenty-five year search for the most effective ways to help people create businesses, relationships, and personal lives they love.

And finally, in 2019, Grant Porteous Coaching was founded in Traverse City, MI. Using simple but incredibly powerful methodologies, Grant shows his clients how to to get off the hamster wheel and create a life and legacy worth living for.


Get the CLARITY you need to get out of your head and past those old, limiting beliefs so you can build a legacy worth living for.


Learn how to REDUCE the amount of overwhelm and INCREASE your time with a clear, proven process for creating transformation.


Choose from three different programs meant to ELIMINATE your internal barriers, so you can start loving your life.

Vision. Mindset. Action.

Something nags at you because you know there’s more… more to life, more that your business could be, and more to you.

But maybe because you’re really busy, or because things aren’t really all that “bad,” or because you don’t really have to do anything different, the “more” you know you could have remains out of reach.

Yet you know with a little more clarity and the ability to move beyond old, limiting beliefs, a Vision for the life and business you really want is already waiting for you. And what you really need most is the right Mindset to begin taking powerful, intentional Action.

Are you ready to build a life and legacy worth living for? Are you ready to start taking massive action toward a powerful Vision with a Mindset that will actually get you there?

Let us help you put it all together, and get the life and business you were made for… starting today.

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