Learning how to get a handle on your professional and personal growth is what we teach in our three Mindset Coaching Programs.

Three-Month Mindset Coaching Program

Our Mindset Coaching is offered in three different programs. Beginning with our three-month program you’ll begin to eliminate the internal barriers that are holding you back. Over these three months you’ll learn how to identify and eliminate the kind of limiting beliefs and negative stories that keep you stuck in overwhelm, procrastination, and distraction. By the end of those three months, you’ll begin seeing yourself, your life, and your business through a different lens, and you’ll be well on your way to success and a life, legacy, and business that you love.

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Six-Month Mindset Coaching Program

Our Six-Month Vision and Mindset Coaching Program is perfect for everyone from the business owner who’s feeling burned out and like they’re just going through the motions to the solo entrepreneur who’s excited to get started but feeling overwhelmed, distracted, or stuck in procrastination. You’ll build the mindset you need to create your own evolving Vision while learning specific strategies to power-up your career, business, and personal success.

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One-Year Mindset Coaching Program

Our most comprehensive package is our One-Year Mindset, Vision, and Action Program. For our most focused and intentional clients, we’ll work alongside you over the course of a year beginning with building a truly unshakeable mindset that is the foundation for creating the business, legacy, and life you really want.

As your mindset begins to grow and expand you’ll create a compelling three to five-year Vision. While ordinary goals and objectives can keep you feeling like you’re “never there” or always “behind,” our Vision-building process helps you avoid getting caught up in distractions and overwhelm, and gives you the tools and support you need to get where you want to go and the success you’ve earned.


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“Grant showed me how to zero in on beliefs/decision that I had made that were limiting and taught me the process how to change them to powerful beliefs that last!”

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