“As one of the few executive coaches in this part of the country certified in David Bayer’s Mindset Methodology, Grant combines his 18-year background in behavioral health with the most advanced personal development system in the world to help successful, mission-driven men and women create the life and legacy of their dreams.

As one of Grant’s clients, the practical tools and proven strategies I’ve learned from him have helped me improve my business and my personal life…to truly present the best version of myself.”

Bill Marsh, Jr | Public Speaker & Partner, Bill Marsh Automotive Group

Grant was featured on his blog! Click below to read the article.

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“Grant put me on a path that really made a giant difference in my life at a time when I really needed it.”

Kurt Hubschneider | President & Founder, Hubschneider Properties

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“I’d really lost my joy…I was feeling stuck…and Grant said, ‘what’s going to happen if you don’t do anything?’ and I said, ‘I don’t want to find out!’ I would have paid triple the amount knowing what I know now…” 

Joanna Beasley | Former Recording Artist, Entrepreneur


“Grant was truly instrumental in taking my life and business to the next level! Not only was I able to handle the massive growth we had (144% year over year increase) but I managed to increase my personal income by over 25%! The foundations he helped me lay have and will continue to push me further in my life towards my hopes and dreams! I HIGHLY recommend you reach out to him if you’re ready for the next level!”

Jonathan Upleger | General Manager, JennyClean

“One of the most dynamic coaches I’ve ever met. If you need tools to take the next step to get life back on track, Grant is as real as it gets.”

Martin Rizzi | The Tabernacle – Buckley Campus

“At a challenging time in my life, Grant was a source of strength. I can’t imagine a better person to work through your problems with. Grant is talented, thoughtful, and an expert in his field. He also has a great sense of humor and a gentle way of connecting with people. I learned a lot about myself meeting with Grant. I strongly recommend him.”

Dan Holmes | Owner & Principal, Boone Digital

‘How much time in a day do you think you spend in your sympathetic nervous system?’ Coach Grant asked. ‘I don’t know,’ I answered, ‘maybe 10-15 minutes a day?’ The first part of my answer was correct anyway – I was clueless! I was always on the edge of anger, but I didn’t know why. The world would say I had it made, but I felt numb or bored, looking for ways to zone out or avoid feeling stuck. Grant showed me how to zero in on beliefs/decision that I had made that were limiting and taught me the process how to change them to powerful beliefs that last! The clarity to know why I am feeling the way I am and being equipped to know what to do about it has literally changed my life – just ask my wife!”

Ted Mulder | Controller, Vidosh North, LLC

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